“Her writing is switchblade sharp . . . with the anecdotal zest of Pete Hamill and the narrative punch of Jack London. . . relentless humor, bruising honesty."            

-M.J. Moore, Neworld Review

“This funny, wry and very candid memoir purports to be a Confession of an American Pot-Smoker but is really a meditation on the way we were, and a cultural/ personal history of the past fifty years. The narrative progresses backward, and not only the past but innocence itself is recaptured.”

-Phillip Lopate, essayist and Nonfiction Director, MFA Writing Program, Columbia University

-Betsy Prioleau, author of Seductress and Swoon

Just Say Yes is a look at an individual life as revealed through a cannabis lens. The author writes: "I believe that people who get high should be more open about it, within their risk tolerance. That’s what fuels this memoir. Additionally, I’m drawn to the literary challenge of organizing the events of my life as they relate to marijuana – and (sadly? gladly?) it isn’t much of a stretch. Weed is the spine of this memoir, as drink is the center of so many others."

Just Say Yeswas published on 
April 20, 2015, National Weed Day 
and created quite a "buzz"! 

  • Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir
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  • $8.99 Paperback



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