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""It's a true wonder I breathe at all." Those were my first words sincerely written on the sixth month anniversary after tragically losing my joy/son. I felt that if I could write in my journal of my feelings, as I had always been able to do, then at the very least, I might be able to navigate better through grief. Those words shocked me, as if they didn't truly come from me or the old me

I seemed to function so well to my friends, family, caring community members, but I wasn't functioning at all, I was performing. When his death collided with my life, all I wished for was that it would be the other way around. I had a farm, kids to take care of, animals to tend. I couldn't even weep, as one truly needs to do when devastated. I sobbed, but I hope you might believe, it isn't the same, as one comes from the soul and the other just leaves the body dry. Another day came that meant nothing, had no meaning, just numb, grey, devoid of color. 
I heard a car enter my long drive and I remember being overwhelmed. I knew I had to pull it together, to perform and I was darn near getting to my last act, as it took such a toll on what little staying power I had. (I had been to the doctors, of course -  they concluded I was depressed and offered more numbness.) In recollecting, I may have been a bit short and even possibly rude to my visitor. I did not know her well, she was a friend of a friend. I didn't need nor want one more "well meaning" opinion from folks who felt right in saying they knew how I felt because their dog died or they lost their grandma 20 years ago. They could not comprehend, and this bewildered me as my grief seemed so trivial to them, like you just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, life goes on! I knew that it did, but it was dragging me with it like an errant cowboy bucked off his horse with one foot still in the stirrup as his frightened steed rushes through a creek bed full of razor rocks. So on this particular morning, I met my visitor with venom instead of welcome. To her sweet nature and credit, she simply grasped my shoulders, apologized for avoiding me all those months and thrust a small bottle that rattled into my hand. I remember simply placing it in my pocket.
Oh great, I thought, more numbness! I had assumed she must have given me a few valiums or something, as I did know her own son had been sick with leukemia (in remission). Perhaps she thought they might help me too. I thanked her and watched her drive away. And remembered being ashamed a bit because I had been pretty brisk with her.
I sat on my porch swing that night, thankful the kids were at their grandma's, thankful I did not have to perform one more time because even for the kids, I had to. I remembered the bottle in my pocket, pulled it out, looked inside and discovered some kind of dried herb and a metal apparatus. My youth came back to me - a one hitter and some weed. This made me cry. Ha, ha...looking back now, I was pretty uptight/inhibited besides being a grief-stricken mom, I didn't want anyone to think less of me for having or even considering using an illegal substance to get high when I was so very low. I don't know why, but I did feel ashamed, and as silly as that sounds, at least it was a feeling. 
I looked all around (even though I lived on a dead end road, last farmhouse on the left, end of the blacktop) I remember thinking why not? I had tried alcohol to just get a pass from the pain for one evening, and couldn't even get a buzz. Why not smoke some weed, maybe just maybe...I could at least feel something maybe a bit colorful or foolish or even the munchies would be welcomed. Anything to feel again. 
When "it" hit me, I got down on all fours and wept. And wept, and wept. I layon the porch floor, rolling around like a dog trying to shake off porcupine quills, I suppose,  weeping, snotty and loud. I don't recall how long I lay like that but I can tell you when I got up, I was much lighter than I had been in 6 months. The next morning found me different as I seemed to have a bit of purpose, the first one since...I was going to take care of the chores and the animals and weeding, planting, harvesting, cook food, etc, but first, I was going to try a bit more of that grief elixir. One puff of clarity was all I needed. 
I have kept this story under my hat for many years. I am a respected vegetable farmer, I couldn't afford to be excluded at markets and such with an attachment like "pot head". I tell it now because of this book, this site that allows sincere connections and comprehension. Marijuana is a powerful tool for those who cannot grieve due to obligations or the fear that if they start, they can't stop crying. Marijuana helps one process the feelings. Speaking just for myself, it makes me present. I can see and know in the immediate sense what needs to be done, seen to, looked after or even enjoyed. I live in Maine now for the pristine nature and solitude that goes so aptly with my herb. I did survive all of this, but you know what? That is not enough. I hear, every time I partake - thrive, woman, thrive. And so I do....if I could ever be of any help to anyone in this way who feels fearful of negative reactions to someone getting right with themselves and processing feelings that must be gone through,  look me up. I believe this tool is humanity's answer for getting in touch with one's self, and then onto that unending, ever connection to all else that is beautiful and real and right here, now. Thanks for hanging...sorry so long, but marijuana got me out of Hell. 


"The strangest place I ever smoked marijuana was in Xian, China. I was traveling with a group of doctors and spouses in a scientific exchange. It was 1985 and China was just opening up. A few children wore bright colored ribbons in their hair. It was a stark contrast to the drab blue and gray Mao suits. I opened a folded over plastic bag in my toiletry kit and found two roaches that I didn't know were there. My wife and I shared them on the balcony in the cool night air. Afterwards, we walked outside onto the crowded streets. We were used to being stared at as a curiousity but we felt everyone was looking at us, not just the security personnel. It was strange and glorious."


"Ok I am Juka ,a renowned gamer and stoner in my town of Stafford KS. I am about to tell you a story that I wrote when I was high . Now on to you: the Tale of the 3 Hobbits. We start our tale in a hole in a hill in a place called the Ladies' Hollow. A young hobbit by the name of Feffor pokes his head out of a thick pile of straw. Kicking blindly into the pile, he calls out, "Kilf, get your bloody ass up off the floor and tell me where we are?" A larger hobbit,s roused by his brother's foot, rolled over growling "Where are we this time, Fef I am not quite sure?" Kilf responded, "Feffor, last thing I remember we where grabbing a bite to eat at Galases's house to celebrate his great harvest." Galases, a stout hobbit, hobbles up the earthen stairs from a lower chamber. "Alas, the harvest was good, we had enough mushrooms for 9 people but I think that they all got put in the soup," quoth Galases "Oh dear god, gal, what have you done to us?" exclaimed Feffor. Galases slaps Feffor, "GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF, MAN we just ate too many mushrooms!" explained Galases. "


"I'm 72 years old and have been smoking pot since 1970, that's 46 years of just about daily smoking. During those years I've held management and executive positions with IBM, retiring after 30 years, and started (and ran for eight years) a recreational scuba diving business, training over 1,000 scuba divers. I have never, in all that time, had a single negative experience while high nor any trouble with the law or anyone else. While I drink alcohol occasionally, I much prefer the high that pot gives me. I stopped smoking about a year ago to quiet a persistant cough. I'm now a happy vaper."




"Edibles! Learning from A Veteran Smoker. I had heard about edibles more when it became legal in Colorado. The learning about effects and potency was both dramatic and scary for a 65-year-old with a solid 34-year marriage. Over the course of driving 6 hours home, I started with a chocolate bar that looked like candy for sure. First square as I started. One more 30 minutes in and wonder "when I would feel the high." Well, the "munchies" led me to snarf the rest by the 5th hour! I had to pull off the highway before I got home and called my wife. I Initially said I was drunk but when she got to me I admitted to OD on edibles. Pissed beyond my gravest worry, she came to rescue me. The effects passed within another hour. I learned the hard way but managed to live thru it. An Old Owl can learn, especially if it's the "hard way"!"


"my name is rick im a 43 year pothead thats y i dont write with caps or punctuation lol im a huge pothead been to amsterdam 10 times jamaica too many times to count toronto denver montreal vancouver we travel alot to pot stops i own 2 businesses and i bake all day everyday now me and my wife of 43 years r going to jamaica on wed. we love it i smoke in front of my daughter who is a 23 yr old college student who dont smoke or drink she tells her friends in school that her dad has better stuff if she wanted to smoke lol now we r smoke shatter and butter yippy we love it well that my story of an old pothead puff pass"


"Joan here in Phoenix, Oregon. I have smoked every day since I was 18, now 66, I did not smoke when pregnant. It has never caused me any problems, I worked my entire life, married 26 years and brought up two very successful, happy children, now 30 and 31. As the author says, it just enhances normal experiences, I say makes everything more fun!! Now I really only smoke a little each evening, it does make dinner much better and helps me sleep for sure. I never thought I would see the day that it is entirely legal. Here in Oregon you can have an ounce on you at anytime, and up to 8 ounces in your home!! that blows my mind. I am encouraged that now that they can study it, there does not seem to be many adverse health issues. Well, just some thoughts here."


"Duncan And Blake.

This is the story of the cola-nut. The cola-nut and the ganja-nut. One day those nuts, they decided to race To see which one could take first place. The cola-nut he took off first. A whole lot of edgy and with a quick burst. Now, who would've thought that fellow was cursed When the poor cola-nut lay dying of thirst. The ganja-nut, he set out slow, not really wanting to let himself go He knew he could win, if he paced himself So, he sang a song, La diddy dee diddy doe The race continued as the ganja-nut ran Then, took a break to honor his Pan He rolled up a something delightfully green And no longer felt the need to be mean Sitting down resting his back on a tree He whistled at birds while buzzed as a bee I must travel further to win he agreed But, first I could use just a little bit sleep Now a gingerly fellow, he walked down the trail And noticed poor cola there, lying so pale He offered him water, he offered him fruit And cola recovered, oh, what a hoot Cola-nut stood up and ran, and he ran But, the sugar buzz ran out and couldn'ted his can Hydrated, yet still mighty well pooped It didn't look good for those in the loop Ol' ganja-nut grazing, still way far behind Didn't have worries; Had plenty of kind Decided to roll up more of his hay Then lit it, and puffed it, but no bong today Now ganja-nut picked up that old second wind The further he traveled the more he would grin So happy to have cola-nut for a friend Yet, beginning to wonder when this race would end When he found his poor friend lying flat on the ground From a diabetic coma poor cola had frowned Here, have some of this ganja said so chagrin Got him up off his knees, and he raced once again The long winding road to the big finish line Was just up ahead according to signs So cola and ganja did finally agree To finish the race in a tie to a tee Those two crazy nuts, what more could they prove To each other that both are not really that good So they skipped along happily and hand in hand In a soft photo-finish, then lit up the band There isn't a moral to this story told But, read it while fresh, before it grows mold It's a little bit different from old woe is me Alas, here's a story to laugh at, agree? So, sit back and smoke 'em but, not nicotine And don't let the bubbles go where you would sneeze Don't like it? Make up your own make believe I'm tired and going to bed now to dream La ditty da da, dee ditty dee No nicotine and no woe is me. Copyright 2015 by David Ehrgott



Nearly twenty years ago I can't believe time flies! When all I had upon my mind was thoughts of getting high I never understood my mom Popping pills at tea or How my grandpa polished off a case a day, no, three. Not wanting to become insane or die diseased so early I decided at a legal age to smoke the weed, for surely of all the places in the states, just one said do it legally. I packed my bags and set out for Mendocino County. I took my time, such a long ride on 80 from New Jersey. Enjoyed the sights but flew no kite. Still, made my travels worthy. The California National Guard and the DEA set up a post to check all cars in/out of the county. It took a couple hours then for them to inspect m.e I must admit here that this greeting did make me feel uneasy.They made it very clear to me that I could smoke the weed, just don't try to take it out of Mendocino County. I said "Okay!" They said "Drive Safe." 
I buckled, drove away. I drove along the two-lane road. Admittedly amazed, I turned a corner, hit the brakes. There was in front of me a farmer man, who did tell me Get out, you have to learn the weed.  I abided easily to learn most all or everything I could so one day I could be an expert in Weedology. I spent nearly a week or two finding out all that I could. But I was high and this did lead to some info misunderstood. I learned cultivation, irrigation, debugging plants by spraying peppe.r Planting, pruning. A beginner but after time, I did get better.
Then one day after a cup of morning Bhang, I did awake then moseyed on to brighter pastures. Stoned alone, I was quite baked. Would you believe --  I can't believe -- a girl I knew from New Jersey who despised me. This feeling was so mutual. After I escaped her grip and fed her some more bitter lip I took my bag, it was a lid, and slowly rolled another spliff. 
I found a house to my amazement. It said "For Rent" read in my haze. I paid the rent/security. Pulled out a blunt, began to blaze. There was no time that I remember from month of May through to September that I wasn't high all day. I knew I had to move away. Weed grown everywhere. Just pick some off, feel better, there. No one left out of the haze. Everybody there did blaze. I got so bored, I was so teased. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it, please! I can't be stoned all of the time Oh, shut up and smoke more of this weed. I could not take it anymore. I closed the house and shut the doo.r All the smoke I once adored soon became all such a bore. I packed my bags and said goodbye to all my stoner friends still high. I headed north to Oregon to grow tomatoes, seemed like fun. Twenty years now have been spent remembering those cronies, those mendacious merchant mendicants of Mendocino County!


"In 1974 I was serving in the military. I broke two bones in my lower back. They confiscated my records and claimed they lost my records so I cant get nothing from them but pills that only make me sick. I'm self employed and can't afford health care. I know this injury is killing me. Smoking weed helps me forget the pain and because I'm so miserable it helps me keep cool around people. This drug has literally saved my life so far. I hate feeling like a criminal just to tolerate something the VA promised to take care of. I hope that these posts help people realize there is a lot of good comes from this drug and we need to learn more.  Thanks. --DW from GA"


"I have been a regular marijuana smoker for 46 years and I, most sincerely, attribute to it my sanity, my even-keel-ness, and even my motivation to research EVERYTHING controversial. I couldn't even imagine having not had this herb as an integral part of my life. I do have to say that the quality of pot that is around in this day and age is far superior to the quality of the pot that was available when I first started smoking it. I don't know whether it's my age, or the superiority of today's pot... But, when I first started smoking it, we would put a joint into the bowl of a bong, and I could inhale the entire thing in one inhale, without batting an eye. These days, I hack and cough like I'm getting ready to keel over, but my lungs are showing total clearness, in x-rays, so it's all good still. I do have to refute the argument that marijuana 'cures' cancer. My wife of 26 years, passed away from lung and liver cancer, two years ago, and we both smoked weed like chimneys. We were both cigarette smokers too, although she had quit smoking cigarettes 12 years prior to passing. However, the marijuana did indeed increase her appetite that the chemo therapy had diminished, during her last months.Thank you for starting this web page."


"I am 52 years old and about 12 years ago I was dx'd with a brain tumor, neuropathy and fibromyalgia and put on morphine to control the pain. I am a dog rescuer and the morphine messed with me badly - couldn't get out of bed and when I was out of bed I couldn't think or focus. I went back to the neurologist and tossed the bottle of morphine at him told him nope, won't be happening but you need to find me another way to deal with the pain. He put the bottle in his desk and told me to go find my local dealer and give marijuana a try for two weeks. 

Now I had smoked pot off and on since I was a teenager but it had not been my drug of choice ever. I had early on become addicted to meth and when the neuro told me to try pot I had been clean off the meth for 4 years. Had never had an addiction issue with any other drug and knew that pot was not addictive so figured would give it a shot. Have never looked back. I smoke 3 times a day and the pain is some days non-existent and other days it's manageable. I live up in the mountains of eastern Kentucky with 23 dogs, most of whom have behavioral issues. My day starts somewhere between 3-5 am and unless I am sick it doesn't end until midnight most days. I am far from lazy - in fact I have had friends and volunteers tell me they are amazed at the amount of work I do every day. Pot changed my life for the better. I don't hide it from anyone--it is part of my life. I don't keep enough on me ever to get more than a slap on the wrist if by chance I would ever get popped for it and hope one day that it becomes legal across the board. --The Crazy Mountain Bitch who loves life!


"I started smoking back in the mid sixties at 15. My older brother scored a joint while at my grandmother's funeral. My father was still alive then, a tough, uncaring guy who could only discipline me, physically and mentally. My mother was'nt much different. Just indifferent to me. My brother was the golden boy, my younger sister the brilliant student, and I the one who was expected to be troublesome. My father died shortly after my first time and since then I have taken in weed in many forms. Somehow I graduated high school, was accepted to a small art school and got a degree all the while using weed, hash (lots), acid and other assorted drugs. I could'nt afford coke, heroin didn't interest me. 

I'm now 63, in fairly good health and never been arrested for weed or anything else. I've had a job in a public library for over 40 years and drug testing was for other departments and idiots who did something wrong. Somehow I can do a good job with some very dull and boring work that needed to be accurate. I work alongside some people who can't get anything right and I have to show them what to do. I work with the public and deal with junkies, alcoholics, homeless assholes and the like. If I didn't smoke before work, I would probably kill someone...but haven't  yet.
I have been growing weed for 20 years now and haven't spent a dime on cartel weed since. It's comforting to know that my 3 or 4 plants supply myself and others for an entire year with the best weed I have ever smoked. Weed does make you hungry and lessen pain but the most important aspect I find is it makes me forget the shitty past. Now at 63 I use it for pain, getting high is secondary and brightens the day. I now realize I have some form of PTSD and weed really helps. If you are thinking about it, just try.


"Good job, girl! I joined the 50 year club some time back and I won't ever stop. Have a nice day!"


"My wife has stage 4 cancer and i went to the doctors to get some xanax for my anxiety. i was told i could not smoke weed or i would lose the xanax. i think this is BS. the combination of weed and xanax helps me big time. separate they do not help- --tommyfnw"


"I am a 51 year old wife and mom. I smoked for the first time at 15 years old. I have smoked regularly ever since, everyday except for a few years when my kids were teenagers. I have been married for 33 years. I have raised two kind, smart, funny adults who are capable members of society and have both graduated from college and have good jobs. I managed our family business for over 25 years and then held two other corporate jobs for the past 12 years. 

Smoking is my Prozac. It's what keeps me calm, even, level and relaxed. I am a much better person when I have my daily hit. I believe it is much better for me than pumping my body full of man-made pharmecuticals like pain killers and anti-depressants or liquor or cigarettes. I have always wished I could tell the story of how practically EVERYONE I know smokes regardless of their age or status and functions in normal lives with no problems whatsoever! Thank you for writing this book!!!! I can not wait to read it! Maybe it will help others not be afraid to be who they really are!!! 
Mom in Alabama


"My 1st time I got high was in August 1969. It was some excellent Mexican weed (Michoacan) when Mexican weed was still some of the best smoke. It's a shame that over the years, it's become what people call 'schwag' weed & is no longer that potent. It's a shame, too, as we were scoring '4-finger lids' (you old timers remember 'lids' I'm sure) of this stuff for $15. The Acapulco Gold was $20 a lid & that was top-grade sativa. It's ironic how back 40-45 yrs ago, the 'domestic' weed was garbage & nowadays it's the best. We wouldn't even consider anything 'domestic' back then, as it was mostly found growing near railroad tracks & had close to 0% THC. 

The 1st time I got high, I knew that was the substance for me. No more hanging out in front of liquor stores trying to get someone 'cool' in their early 20s to buy us booze. Horrible feeling the next morning...a lot of fighting & anger...but not with weed. No sirree, weed was going to be in my life forever & now at age 61, it still is.
Fast forward 3-4 years...a pal & I hit the road hitch-hiking cross-country for 3 yrs...plus all the way to Acapulco, Mexico. Bought a 1/2 lb of A-Gold, which was wrapped like a huge joint in newspaper, for $8. There was no way we could toke all of it for the 2 weeks we were there, so we had to leave 6 ozs in our motel room when we left. The last thing we needed was to get popped in Mexico, 2 long-haired Americans tossed in a Mexican prison? Not worth it, so the maid ended up with 1 helluva tip!! My pal ended up going back home to Chicago (where we were from) & I met some cats in Tucson, AZ who were about 20 yrs my senior. 1 of the dudes was very straight-laced looking, but lo & behold, was a major weed distributor. Guess where his loads of 50-75 lbs were always headed? Chicago! He & I ended-up as good pals & he needed someone to mule the weed from Tucson to Chicago after he'd go down to Nogales, Mexico to meet HIS connect.The 1 thing that was ironic, he didn't partake in toking, so he'd bring me along as his taste tester. He knew of this breach in the border fence back then (1974) that we'd drive through to get back into the USA. Then he'd either rent me a car or buy me an airline ticket to just take the load to Chi-town. Back then, as long as the bags went into the airplane's baggage compartment, flying commercially wasn't too risky. Of course, anything can happen...I'll stop now, as I also have written a book about my escapades / adventures & don't want to ruin the story by telling it all. Anyway, it's been a long, strange trip, without a doubt!!


"I'm 36 year old ICT Manager. I have a happy family. I've been smoking daily since1996 (I'll do the math for you: that's 19 years). I live in Belgium, next to the Netherlands, which comes in handy once in a while. It's officially illegal over here, but I never got in trouble with the law. Penalties are minimal anyway. I never smoke before or during work. My job is pretty hectic and mentally taxing : smoking 1 or 2 stickies in the evening helps me relax more quickly. I also like running and playing guitar for the same reasons. When I go on a weed-holiday for a week or longer I have no craving whatsoeve!. It's outrageous that this drug is criminalized in so many places."


"I feel like Catherine is my sister from another mother. I've been smoking since 1963! I will be 69 in 2015! I'm very lucky that 3 years ago I moved to Seattle! I no longer smoke via pipes or joints. I only use a Vap pipe! As someone said to me "WA has made it very easy for us"! There is no pot smell & your clothes don't smell. Vap is the way to go! We are getting Vap pipes with between 71 & 83% THC content! ... No harmful crap like cigarettes."


"I've lived here in Roswell NM my entire life. Yesterday I was out doing errands, I stopped by a friend's house to smoke a bowl. After I was buzzed, I thought I would go to Walgreens to get what I needed there. So I leave and drive up to the corner where the store was, and walk in. I noticed the store looked different, but went ahead and started looking for the Ensure I went to get. As I'm walking around, I'm thinking this doesn't look like Walgreens anymore. They changed everything around, and there was not a pharmacy, or any row with the product that I was looking for. I grabbed a couple of things that were only a dollar, thinking they sure had some cheap things in there. I asked the clerk if they had any Ensure, and he said no. So I leave the store and as I was walking out I looked up at the sign on the store. And that feeling of stupidity that most stoners feel at one time or another hit me! I was at the Dollar Tree! Needless to say, I just went home after that."


"What a wonderful website! Smoking has been a part of my life for for over 40 years now and has been a great pain reliever. I have mild to moderate joint pain in my hands, elbows and knees, and pot really does the job. Working construction for all these years and the cuts, bruises muscle strains and fractured ribs have all been pain surpressed by pot. I also hike/backpack, snow ski (use to, too expensive), play golf and work out with my grandson for baseball. Very active in the garden and in life in general. I love to smoke in the morning before heading out on a nice 10 mile hike! Life is good, God smiles on my family.  Jlo...Pacifica,CA"

willa d

"I smoked pot in the 70's as a teen and then young adult. After that, I got serious about a career (that drug tested) and having a family. 30 years later, I'm smoking a little pot again as I try to maintain a relationship with a mother who is "difficult." It's a tough job and I'm determined to stick it out. I only have one Mom and she won't be with me forever. She hurts me and I know that she comes from a place of pain within herself. She will never be different but I do see her trying and I know that she experiences regret and wishes that she was different. She tries and I know that it's hard for her, too, to accept me as I am - so very different from her. Smoking a little bit of pot helps me chill out and relax a bit. Sometimes I just need to experience laughter, and pot helps me with that.      Willa D, TX"


"Jack Remington. I'm seventy nine years old and have been a constant heavy cannabis user for nearly sixty years. I would like to challenge the DEA to gather twenty people at random my age that have never smoked weed and give us all extensive mental evaluations. If I'm not at the top I won't be far from it!"

Panama Red

"If not for herb, I would have checked out many, many years ago. It's kept the 1,000 yard stare at bay when nothing else would."


"San Francisco: I'm a musician, & one day some musician friends stopped in to yak & burn one, just before their show, which I sometimes accompanied. I had decided to clean & restring my guitar for that nite, in anticipation that I might get to sit in. I was just getting ready to put the new strings on, when my friends showed up. So we are passing the joint, me stringing my guitar, everything is groovy...super good stuff. My friends go to the club downstairs, & I plan on joining them shortly, after brushing my hair, splashing cold water on my face.. etc. 

Well¡ I return to pick up my guitar, & I cant believe what I've done,a first for me in all my years of playing. my guitar has 6 strings. Each string runs the length from the hole at the bridge to the corresponding hole in the tuning peg at the headstock. E-A-D-G-B-E...well, what I had done, was strung a string from the E position at the bottom of the guitar to the D at the top. B to E, D to G. it was all crazy crisscrossed! Well, I pulled my self together, left my properly restrung guitar, grabbed a cup of Joe, went for a walk, before showing up at the club..without my guitar..knowing I needed more time before playing...well when I did show up, not expecting to play, as I didnt have my guitar, the bandleader, bent towards me, handing me his guitar, whispering he had heard what I had done!
 Some folks say it was the best set Ive ever played! But it will be a long time before I live down how this "professional" lol, strung.


"In reality, THIS website right here is #1. I enjoy reading other people's stories and experiences, surely I will tell my own.

 I am 20 years old raised in Texas born in Mexico, I have been here since I can remember. Took my first toke at 13 going into freshman year of high school, really got into it my JR and Sr year, at a constant rate. Been at it since. Ha! Only been arrested once my Sr year for having 2.8 g. I've had many get out of jail free cards, police in my city have let me go a lot of times. I'll be sure to share.(: 
My mom has caught me several times with objects in the house. Highschool Graduate A's and B's. Would like to earn a toxicologist degree. Attended college for a construction management degree. Since I graduated I have been painting houses with my dad, we have a subdivision in which we paint houses from no carpet, pure concrete rooms until the builders hand them to the owners.
 Arriba la Weed!


"Good Morning to all you Wake-and-Bakers across the world! So there was this one time, me and my friends got SOOOOO STONED...ah ha....hmm...ya, we laughed SO HARD! ...you'd just have had to be there! ...know what I mean? Puff Puff Pass! Susan B. Anderson, Waterford, PA"


"Hello, we will call me Roo, living in the land of Indiana. I am 56 and began my first days of living with and without weed when I was 11 and my older siblings insisted I try this weed. And yes for a long time I thought it was just a weed. By 13 I was a pro, by 18 I was almost never out, then reality came crashing in and and I had to work so I joined the military. So no weed for a long while, and no withdrawals either. I met and married my now husband in the military, and we are still married 36 years later and haven't killed each other over various life conditions surrounding weed or other reasons. 

The years went by and we became parents after about 6 years of marriage, I quit smoking weed for about a year and a half with our first child during pregnancy and after I breast fed, due to costs surrounding a medical condition the child had, I basically had to give it up on a buy and have basice for that time frame to have gas to get to the dr. appointments and such and my child was way more important that any joint.
 By the time the child was 5, I got a job that gave me a career. I now have two college degrees and still unfortunately work from home struggling to get a real job and really provide for my family in my older years. I actually got smarter as I got older (lmao) so I knew when to smoke to understand things in the college coursework that I never learned in High School. Like how to use a scientific calculator, or advanced algebra. I started my IT degree program straight, I knew how to do all the coursework so it wasn't that hard except things I had never done, after 25+ years telling people I could fix computer having that degree was special to me, but not enough so I now recently finished my BS degree where that entails still computers but the data management and database functions. Where in the BS coursework I only knew some of that and getting a bit stoned help me focus and complete the rigorous homework I had to finish. 
So no, being high didn't' make me dumb or make me sit around going 'oh wow man.' The bigger question as we got older was how to pay for it where it didn't take from our children's needs and we always had food in the house, and the bills were paid were foremost important, where my husband was the one that insisted he grow weed a hybrid version. I didn't want to be involved for the sake of the kids, so I swore that off for a long while and kept away from him and his hobby, it scared me way too much. And it did happen he got arrested three time total in the years we have been married and lucky for him each time there was some reason he didn't get life in prison, and he got probation and fines. Of course the DEA came back to our house more than once but it is all good, they are doing a job. I have insisted that where ever he chooses to do that it be away from my life -- I can't waste six years in college to sit in jail with my husband. 
So that is the agreement he lives one place I live in another. Geographically we are close and see each other everyday. The million dollar question is how am I physically after smoking for so many years, I had smoked cigarettes for 10 years and surely that did more damage to my lungs that weed ever did. I have arthritis very bad, I have a bad back from many car accidents so a joint a day keeps the pain meds away since I can't take the opioids a little weed here and there makes life bearable. I am a professional healthcare data management IT person, I would never be able to get a job in my industry if I were smoking so at this time in my life I have to say no, but it is still there if I do want it. I feel that now in my mid 50's where nearly 40 years of my life I smoked weed that I can live with or without it. It isn't a must but it sure helps when over the counter pain med's don't' cut it I take a puff or two so I can sleep. For my lungs however I can say I can not smoke out like I didn't in my youth. I get sinus issues and do cough up awful stuff. 
So I have to limit how much and when I do smoke. I believe that issue is exacerbated due to my childhood asthma and the secondhand smoke I endured as a small child from my step father's cigarettes. I would like to see the legal restrictions lifted due to the prison system so out of whack and the money cities make from throwing someone in jail and the damage that does to that person's ability to get a job in the communities they live.
 No single person that I have came in contact with makes weed their whole life! Not a single person I have ever been around in the last 35 years spends their days sitting on a couch and processing nothing but how to get weed and how to smoke weed etc! Everyone I know either has a business or a job and their consumption is at the end of the day like a person would take a drink of whiskey or wine after work. I know some hard core drinkers, and they often get arrested for DUI and many hard drinkers have lost jobs, where no one I know that smokes on the regular are unemployed--they all have jobs.The war on drugs should be targeted at the meth products, the cocaine industry and the party drugs that kill our youth. I had hoped that my grown daughters now know that some things can be very bad and to keep distance to those that do because they need to have resources to support a habit those people are drug addicts and would rob their own mother. I love life! I love my family! I would continue to support the legal version of weed for all 50 states that includes the use of CBD for all people that need it for seizures. It is not available in my state for my grand child that does have seizures. :) have a great day! :)


"1974 June. My neighbor and friend was getting married and we planned a bachelor party. I made a huge pan of pot brownies, used about an ounce, it was a really big pan! I brought them over to his apartment and we decorated it then went to get the keg of beer. His Apartment door entered his hallway and off to the right was his kitchen, then bathroom, bedroom and living room. We walked in to the distinct aroma of coffee, which was weird because we didn't make any before we left, walked into the kitchen to a fresh pot of coffee and a whole row of brownies was gone. 

We walked down the hallway to the living room and on the sofa was his Mom with her dress over her head. My pal freaked out, he had never seen his mom like this so he asked, more begged, me to pull her dress down, which I did and there she was smiling and higher than a Georgia pine. I said what you doing? she replied, I'm hiding, giggle...Oh wow.. 
Needless to say we were worried because his dad was a red neck's red neck and we had to take her home. Which we did, took her into the house and laid her on her sofa and covered her up with a blanket and went outside to tell his dad. He freaked out until we explained we didn't give her the brownies and reassured him she would be fine. The party was a great time, all the brownies and beer gone. We were cleaning up the next morning when his dad showed up and asked, Hey do you guys have any more brownies? We said Nope sorry, to which he said That's too bad, your mom was a wild cat in bed last night and I wanted some for tonite. My friend was freaked out for most of the day, and all I could do was laugh, and when I think back I still do. His mom never knew what I put in those brownies and shes passed on now so I can tell the story. That summer in Bismarck, ND was a truly weird and wonderful time and that party stands out as one of the weirdest!!

Panama Red

"Back in the late 60's and early 70's ; I was a "hippie." In Atlanta GA there was "the strip." Peach Tree St. from 10th to 14th was where the freaks hung out. Any thing you could ever want was there. Head shops lined both sides of the street. Also there were concerts in Piedmont Park. The summer of love was upon us. I'm proud to say I'm 61 now and can still remember parts of it. Catching a good buzz is as much fun now as it was then, even if my doc says I have a mild cognitive disorder. I think I'm doing really well. Probably should just quit seeing the doctor! Would stay longer but my pipe is calling my name. Peace"


"I just wanted to say I love how you explained why you smoke weed. I am 58 and have been smoking for about 40 years. I makes me a happier, nicer person and totally more creative in my stained glass windows and pretty much any craft I do. But how you said why you smoke is perfect!! We are doing it to make our lives better not to hide away in it. Very well said and I totally respect you and your attitude. I know I will still be smoking when I'm older for sure. It's my vice, never smoked cigarettes. Thanks for so real about who you are and all."


"Catching a little buzz always helps me relax, feel better, be more creative and sociable. If my employer would only agree and not do a random drug test where I would be fired for taking a little hit on my day off, things would be great."

Piscean Swimmer

"We lived in NJ for a few years back in the '80's and it was a glorious time. We "acquired" our weed from a really nice guy and spent weekends relaxing and enjoying life, eating lobster, hanging out with family. My son was a pre-teen then and at that time you cleaned your weed on an album cover. Years later when my son was grown up and had moved out on his own, he called me and said that his friends were cleaning their weed on an album cover and the flashback hit him. He never knew that was what we were doing and it made him laugh when the album cover actions brought back those memories. It was priceless and funny and we still laugh about that. Good times!!!"


"For the past 5 years, I have grown over 100 different marijuana strains. I have researched more than 1,200 marijuana strains. I and my partners' goal was to produce an organic plant without chemicals and pesticides, watered with mountain filtered water, capable of producing a hybrid CBD oil. Under State license in Colorado, at a premium climate grow site, semi arid, and high UVs from the sun at a mile high altitude, we utilized the soil from a goat and chicken farm over 80 years ago, and continued to amend the soil nutrients. 

As a result we have grown and cured, and processed a clear Amber honey-tasting CBD oil, loaded with CBD, and THCA compounds, and there is no high. After field testing it, we put it on the market in October 2014 with 100% customer satisfaction in relieving pain and inflammation in minutes. The nasty pain and inflammation of arthritis is gone. Diabetes nerve pain, gone, toothaches, gone, spinal pain, gone. This special oil works on seizures in people and pets as well. Cancer tumors and cells die off with this oil on some cancers. MS, Parkinson's, ALS, Fibromyalgia, Chron's and more.Our process is so unique, there is NO OTHER like product, because of the way we process and cure, versus substandard oils from overseas. We grow our oil. Lab test results are mind bending.
Since we have found the strain, have the licensing capabilities to grow large amounts of this special hybrid that meets State and Federal guidelines of 0.03 thc content, and the bottling plant, we are looking for investment, mostly on advertising, to promote the sale of this medicinal nutrient based product. With over 100 million people in the USA who suffer chronic pain, this product takes it away in 15 minutes. We currently offer sales opportunities for people who want to sell this product. Contact us at caregiverservices@hotmail.com This products deserves National Attention Now ! Help us let people in pain live a more normal life, pain free. Welcome to the green revolution.


"Having Stoner as a family name can get interesting, to say the least! I was on one of my marathon grocery shopping trips. We live on the border of 3 states, so I often cross over and back many time in one marathon.My credit card got blocked at the last store for a security check, as I was using it from state to state. Of course with many people waiting in line behind me. I had to call the credit card company and give my security answers. I winked at the cashier and said "no laughing," as I said my security answer of a maiden name, "Stoner". I saw the cashier snicker, finished my call and finished my checkout. I teased and said, "I saw you laugh!" She laughed and said, "so is your mother's name MaryJane?" I answered, "no, but my mother is Mary, and my sister is Jane" I thought she was going to fall on the floor she was laughing so hard (so were some of the customers who had been waiting in line). When it dawned on me, I was laughing harder than them all. I can not believe that I, the real stoner, did not make that hysterical correlation before!"


"Hello. I just bought your book on Kindle. I will read this evening. I used to smoke about 34 years ago and so enjoyed it. Now at 73 I want to smoke it again for my knees which are killing me. Arthritis. Unfortunately it's not legal in CA so I'm stuck. I'm not moving to Colorado that's for sure. I admire you with your story and hope to someday write a post about my re-entering the wonderful world of pot. Enjoy. I will read your book and comment soon. Thank you."


"What cannabis means to me. This plant is GOD's gift to the world. It is a sacrament that will change the course of history for human kind. My non-prophet DO-Nation Project Global is using cannabis to build come-unity gardens, kithcens, and Green HAUS that will eventually feed and re-educate everyone on the planet. Please check out www.dnpg.org and lets all work two-gether to help others: to help themselves, two help others 2.?! 420ne Peace and Love sushinick. In the name of the budz, the leaves, the stems, and the seedz: May we smoke this bowl for inner peace.?! Ah-men."


"When I was in college at Oregon in Eugene my room mates and I would smoke almost every day and always had a home made water pipe of some design sitting around the apartment. If friends came over we would load the water pipe and enjoy some of the local weed that was always available around campus. 

One morning around breakfast time one of my room mates PARENTS just showed up and wanted to visit and have breakfast with us all. They brought some fresh cinnamon rolls from a really good bakery near by so IN THEY CAME! We were on RED ALERT making a rapid sweep of the apartment to hide any evidence of our EVIL Pot addiction. My friend grabbed the water pipe that was sitting on the kitchen table and shoved it into the OVEN! I was thinking, not a great choice but its kind of too late now to move it! Anyway, after some small talk and coffee in the kitchen with the parents, the MOM decides to heat up the rolls in the oven and just reaches over and turns the oven on!!! NO ONE NOTICES THAT SHE HAS DONE THIS!! 
After a short while of more coffee and chat there is this HORRIBLE SMELL coming from the oven. I mean smoke that smells like rubber and then a POP and this vile liquid pours out of the oven and on to the floor!! The room mate who put the pipe in the oven comes back into the kitchen and starts screaming that his Science Project was in the oven and now it was ruined!!! We opened the oven and scooped out the smoking mass of rubber tubing and broken glass and threw it in the sink to pour water on it. It smelled BAD! My room mate's mother was wild with fear and about this time the smoke alarm went off in the apartment!! The Apartment manager showed up and wanted to call the fire department but we talked him out of it. He knew what was going on and what had happened. He was not pleased but left us to clean up the mess! My room mates parents were cool with the "Science Project" but I think they also knew what was up! Anyway, moral to the story: NEVER HIDE YOUR WATER PIPE IN THE OVEN!!!


"WOWEE! I'm reading "JUST SAY YES". I'm from San Fran, Cal, but marooned in tulsa, ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can imagine the contrast. This book is a reaffirming lifesaver!!!"

hillbilly head

"I remember when I moved to ky. my cuzzins ask if I wanted to "toast" I laughed so hard . I came from cincy , and my brother was in an mc , I had burnt for a couple years and they thought their cuz was a goody goody. I said yea lets do it . well I had been smoking cbo, Columbian, and they broke out some motian grown herb and let me tell you what , wow!!! 

I sat and watched the Cumberland river for hours. You see I was a loner and I would burn and think about things, kind of inner searching you know. well this time I was like mellow yellow, I've been here in the hills ever since , except my time in the army , its been my release , my way of getting to a place I can focus on the hassles of the day and find a way to fix what I can and know what I can't. I have ptsd, and the doctors want me to take meds to chill, I just laugh. I think if the military would hand the guys a oz. when they get out and send them one every month, we would have less folks on chemicals and more love for life. when I burn, I see the part of the world we have forgotten, the trees , the fields , just this beautiful place we call home. you know? 
Thank you for giving us a place to talk and to read about the things going on around our world. hillbilly head, ky.


"I am 50, my wife is 53. We have been together for 15 years and have been smoking weed since day 1. We used weed to bridge some difficult times early in our relationship. We made a pact that any time we had an disagreement (argument) we would smoke a "peace pipe" and revisit the issue. 100% of the time it enabled us to empathize with the other and come away with a better understanding of their point of view. Today we don't need to smoke when we have those moments, the gap that used to be there in the midst of those flare ups just isn't so wide."


"I first tried smoking when I was a teenager. Prior to that I had tried several different kinds of drugs, pills, cocaine...etc. For the most part everything I tried I didn't much care for, but the first time I got high was truly nirvana. I was happy and relaxed and before that I had no idea what "relaxed" meant or felt like. I had a pretty traumatic childhood (who hasn't) and to have some relief was a miracle. Over the course of my life I lost all three of my children; with my first pregnancy I fell down a flight of cement stairs trying to get away from my father-in-law who was drunk, my second was my son who was 6 at the time, I I was driving when someone cut in front of me, then 10 yrs. later I lost my daughter to cancer when she was 18. 

I was a basket case and pot saved my life literally. Now at 69 it is still important to me, with multiple health issues, I find that it makes me feel so much better. What a blessing. When it became legal in the state I live in -- oh my goodness, wow! I can go to a store and get what ever I need with no hassles. I have been able to try several different strains to determine what works best for me. I'm so grateful to have something that evens me out and helps to keep me calm.

"Hi My name is Robert. I am a 66 year old white male, a Viet Nam Veteran 1970-1971. I also spent a year in Thailand 1968-1969 where I was introduced to marijuana. I have so many stories I could write a book called Robert MJ escapades. I have smoked MJ my entire life for a lot of the same reasons as you stated in the interview I just read with Catherine Hiller. 

I have some different reasons also like hauling 500 and 750 pound bombs from the ammo port in Thailand to Utapao Air Force Base (when you were high you didn't worry as much about the bombs exploding). When I returned from Viet Nam I felt like it helped me get back into society. It also helps my arthritis (or as I tell the doctor, I don't know if it really kills my pain but I don't care for about four hours). 
In my younger days it enhanced my sex and definately enhanced my appetite. Now it just keeps me mellow and helps with pain. I like Catherine do not feel that I have ever been addicted physically to MJ. When I left Thailand I didn't smoke again regular until after I got out of the service. And due to job restrictions sometimes I would go a year without smoking. 
Now I am retired. I don't take drug tests any more so I try not to run out anymore. I had to hide MJ my whole life until I retired.  Now Idon't care who knows. I don't mess with the Police but anybody else its OK. I'm smoking me a bowl as I write the post. It helps me concentrate so I can keep the timeline right. My last 20 years of my working life I was a industrial piping designer. MJ helped me concentrate when I was transferring info from field notes to the drawing I was creating on Auto cad. I have been reveling at all the facts coming out about MJ helping children with epilepsy, cancer and of course pain relief. When I heard about that it made me jump up and down saying I told all you stiff collars so. Well that's about 1000th of what I could say about MJ. I hope I haven't bored you to tears.  [Admin: not at all!]


"I am of a similar vintage to Catherine Hiller. I was an uninspired, average student at the private, Catholic, convent school I attended.

 Once I started and appreciated toking up, I achieved an 3.5/A grade point average at uni and graduated cum laude. I always got stoned before taking any exam. and hey presto - brilliant grades! -- Ewa, UK

Flower Girl

"I am an animist, and cannabis is, to me, a sacred teaching plant. I believe that our Creator gave this herb to us so that we might become more wise and kind. Its illegal status is meant to keep us disconnected from nature and God. I'm 61 years old, and have been smoking since I was 16. I have a BA and two Masters degrees, two teaching certificates and many productive years. My three grown children are all capable, productive members of society and my husband and I have a strong marriage. I have never committed a crime. I drive the speed limit. I'm in excellent health. And yet, I still dream of the day when I will not be considered a criminal for smoking pot. I'm grateful to Ms Hiller for writing and publishing her memoir, and have hope that it will help to normalize cannabis. Best wishes to all, Lillian, Greenfield, MA"


"Will Dudley here, I live in southern Colorado and am an active 63 year old war vet. The first time I ever smoked pot was in Chicago. I was a 17 year old sailor stationed at Great Lakes, and on my way to Vietnam. I was with two other sailors, and didn't like the smell. I was sure we'd get caught, but we didn't. It took three joints to get high, and I liked it. 

While in Vietnam, I continued to smoke it, and didn't really care if I was caught. We had a saying: "What are they gonna do, send me to Vietnam?" I got out of the navy in Seattle and stayed in Tacoma, where the fine was almost nothing for pot and I was never called anything but a decent guy. Being a guitar player since the age of 12, I played music in Washington until '77, when I moved to Chicago and did the same. 
Weed was everywhere, and I had seen guys addicted to opiates in Asia. Weed was nothing compared to the guys I knew who wasted their lives healing their war wounds with heroin, which killed thousands and still does. Alcohol did the same to huge numbers of vets, and the only reason I stayed away from that was my dad was a drunk. He also disowned me for being a hippie commie anti war veteran, whatever the hell that is. 
I'm 63 now and am only five years behind the author, only I never quit or stopped or got arrested. I DID get yanked up by an Arizona cop who dumped my weed and let me go when I showed him a red card (a Colorado medical pot card) and said it slowed the nightmares. He didn't search my car, which was fortunate, I had a pound in the back of my Jeep because I was going to be in Arizona for six months and didn't want to have to buy it off the street. 
I've been a musician all my life and have friends who have had their land taken away from them in Tennessee and friends who have done time in Texas for less than a joint. I did a gig in San Antonio and drove into a border stop in 09 near El Paso where the dog went after my car. I had the weed in a Copenhagen tobacco tin my back pocket, knowing that border patrol cops can't search your person unless you're under arrest. They hassled me for an hour and let me go, showing me the traces they found on the floor of my car and saying I was going to miss the gig. I didn't, they didn't arrest me, and my advice is this: Admit nothing and make counter accusations. Keep the weed out of sight and by the way, driving under the influence of weed just keeps people from speeding. It's no more dangerous to an experienced user than a cup of cocoa in the car in my opinion. Novice pot smokers should not drive, but they're usually too busy laughing to cope with driving. Last week I bought an ounce of pot for 65 dollars on sale in my pot shop because they had too much inventory of New York Diesel. It's good stuff. Recreational pot might cost 3 hundred an ounce, while med pot might go for half that normally in the pot shop where I go. The pot industry in Colorado has benefited the state in huge ways, and I look forward to seeing a national referendum on legalization. Meanwhile, I'll spend 2 to 5 dollars a gram for good weed and thank my lucky stars my home is Colorado.


"When I was 18, I thought I smoked a lot of pot. I hung out with like-minded folks and even joined my local NORML chapter. I assumed that weed would be legal in a few years. I was astounded the time I heard the police had seized a guy's trumpet during a bust because it could "be used as a pipe."That was in 1988. 

Then I got married and had kids. I could only smoke on rare occassions, maybe once a year. My peers lamented that they wished they could smoke more, but they feared drug testing or nosy neighbors or child protective services. Time marched on. 
After my divorce, I found a partner who liked weed too and we started smoking a lot more. Our sex life is amazing. One day a friend told me about this site Highdeas and that it was hysterical. I started participating and was so relieved to come out of the closet. I rejoined NORML after a 25 year absence. At this point I thought I knew everything about cannabis and Randolf Hearst's personal mission to make it illegal. But it was really just the beginning. 
Now I read it's legitimate medicine that people NEED to cure serious illnesses and help with myriad conditions. Now I smoke every day I want, as many times as I want, and my life is actually amazing. I'm going to do whatever I can to get this plant legal, decriminalized, whatever you want to call it. I want to see it sold next to the tomatoes at the grocery store in my lifetime, because that's where it belongs.


"Delighted to read your story in the NYT and find this blog. Been smoking since the 60's and will be older and grayer before it's finally legalized - but the day will come. You gotta believe!"


"England, 1971. I had my first smoke of an English joint, a long cardboard filtered affair with tobacco and weed mixed together. A mate asked me, in front of the whole group of 10 people, if I had smoked before? When he knew I hadn't he suggested I "take a huge hit and hold it down."This I did and instantly turned green. That's it for me I thought. I'll never smoke that again. 

The following year I was in Stoney Creek, Toronto, staying with some Canadian friends I'd met briefly in Germany. Sure enough a joint materialised. I said that I couldn't smoke weed as it made me sick. When they discovered the whole story they reassured me there was no tobacco in North American joints. I smoked. What an incredible experience. A new me was born, and 43 years later I still praise the Lord for that wonderful weed.

"I am a legal professional in Raleigh, North Carolina-- the state capitol. Ok, Ok, forget "legal professional" I am a lawyer in Raleigh, North Carolina. I have labored under the pain of being discovered as a "smoker" all of my legal career. Truly amazing that a book has been written about those who can use responsibly and turn out "just fine." 

My experiences with marijuana began in high school and I could count on my hands the number of times I lit up until I graduated from college. I just didn't get it, thought all drugs were inherently evil and taboo. I then met my friend Mitch, who came along at a time I was struggling to find myself after having my heart crushed by the "love of my life". So, my friend Mitch (who was an accomplished smoker) introduced me to the pleasures of regular use of Mother Nature. I have been an almost daily user since I got into law school in 1988 and, much like Ms. Hiller, I have turned out okay. I have built a successful law practice, including being a board certified specialist in my area of practice and raised a family.
It's hard to describe the essence of regular marijuana use to the non-user or ever the casual user. Sure, I will admit that's it's a dependency on some level. But again, just like Ms. Hiller, the personal benefits and insight I have gained over the years far outweigh the "dependency" issue. Perhaps it's my personality, disposition or other quirk that has given me such an affinity for this fine plant. If that is the case, then my use of marijuana has only served to highlight and strengthen my natural tendencies to be even-keeled, calm (even in the most stressful of circumstances), insightful, thought-provoked and creative.
The hypocrisy surrounding the criminalization of marijuana versus other substances is staggering and sickening. You can't get a better ringside seat to this hypocrisy than working in the legal system on a daily basis. I will admit that I have experimented with other substances, but none of them have the feeling or rewards that weed possesses for me. I believe you can get out of marijuana what you put into it and that it is a "drug" that you can control rather than it controlling you. Sure, you can blame it for all the ills in the world and say that it ruined your life. It has been my experience, however, that most of those "ruined" lives were well on the road to perdition or ruination before marijuana was introduced into it.
So, here's to a book I am anxious to read and a movement that may result in us responsible users being able to do just that, use responsibly. Responsible use, free from Govement intrusion, penalty or regulation. The myriad applications of cannabis have just now been tapped. A free, open market may lead to the discovery of cannabis applications that currently can be hardly conceived. 
Perhaps that has been the real danger of marijuana all along-- a naturally occurring substance within the reach of the common man whose uses could upend the established order of so many things.Those of you who refuse to think beyond the borders of what society and law have drawn for you on cannabis are missing out. Life is so much more interesting with this substance. I dare say that it's regular use may someday be touted as part of a lifestyle that leads to increased longevity and overall quality of life. Time will tell and time will prove many of us right. Sincerely, Legal High.


"I went to jail for growing it. I'm still growing it, anyway. I'm 51, fuck Obama. He has pardoned fewercannabis prisoners, has been silent on an issue many believed he would address. Instead,those of us who went to jail got to hear our lives as a pun on Jimmy Fallon.

Obama is a failure.


"My name is Jack Remington. I am 79 years old and have been a heavy cannabis user for nearly 60 years. The govement says that marijuana damages the brain. I would like to challenge the DEA to pick 20 people my age at random that have never smoked weed and give us all extensive mental evaluations. If I'm not at the top I won't be far from it."


"You seem to present your purchasing of marijuana as a non-event. For over 50 years, most marijuana sales involve foreign drug cartels. purchasing marijuana all these years has supported organized crime in the US, underground marijuana producers who are criminals and drug cartels. The thousands upon thousands of deaths in Mexico alone at the hands of drug cartels should get you to put down your pot.The sale of marijuana is not harmless. Americans and Mexicans have had their communities decimated by drugs, their sales and by the people who BUY the drug.http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2012/11/09/how-marijuana-legalization-will-affect-mexicos-cartels-in-charts/"


"Hi, I found your story on the NYC Times and loved it! Takes a lot of courage to openly write about this theme, which I feel everybody is very prejudiced about it. THANKS!

Now, I'm from Costa Rica and just want to say that I've smoked almost daily since I'm 14, the first time I tried it and I'm 35 now... nothing has changed, for me is the best thing, as your story mentions, there's some dependency on for it, but also it has never opened the door for other drugs, it depends on you. I hope it gets legal sooner and that people understand it's not for everybody but to respect the people who loves it. Plain simple.


"I am a long-time smoker, having "toked up" since the Summer of 1969, at the age of 14. As the 1960s turned into the 1970s, the acceptance of marijuana use increased geometrically! By 1973,marijuana was everywhere, and even the cops (in New York) would ignore it in those days. There was a brief crackdown in the Summer of 1976, followed by a "panic" (drought), due to the seizure of the "Christmas Ship" a few months earlier. This was done because the Democratic Convention was coming to New York that year, and "God forbid" that some "virgin" delegate should actually see New Yorkers smoking herb!!! 

However, when the reefer returned later that year, it remained constant for years afterward...life seemed pleasant, and it also appeared that mankind was finally growing up...Detente between the Superpowers...Black & White & Oriental were intermixing, interacting and INTERMARRYING!...The Sexual Revolution was in full swing...Gay folks finally received the rights and recognition that they had worked so hard to obtain...DISCO MUSIC WAS KING...yes, we were on the right track...but then, the 1980 Election elevated Ronald Reagan and his racist fellow travelers. This occurred because the World was NOT as advanced as we previously thought -- the older Generation went to the polls with a vengeance, and outdid all of the progress that we had made simply because they...didn't wanna see people smoking pot, they didn't wanna see people having casual sex and abortions, they didn't wanna see BLACK and WHITE "interacting" because their prejudiced wouldn't allow it. So, then began thirty years more of Prohibition, Religious dogma masquerading as truth, the Cold War heating up again, a crackdown on Gay rights, a crackdown on the Sexual Revolution itself, Xenophobia rearing its ugly head, and out-and-out RACISM, for all the World to see...it was disgusting. But, somehow I knew that most Baby Boomers would not be fooled by these so-called "conservatives", and in 2012, with the grace of the TRUE God, Marijuana was LEGALIZED in two states! Hopefully, those racist, xenophobic, bible-thumping, prudish, prohibitionist warmongers will remain DEAD, and stay buried. If not, I believe that OUR next revolution will be very bloody...bloody for Prohibitionists, and LIBERATING for us...the TRUE Americans!


"I have been smoking 45 years off and on. It so helps with the stress I have had the last ten years. But I have developed an irritated mouth and tongue...Has this happened to anyone else? I never smoked cigarettes and I am not a drinker. I need to refrain from smoking to heal my mouth."


"Deric in S. Minnesota. I'm now 67 and have been a smoker since I was 17 back in 65. The prices got so high I resorted to growing it myself. Not a dealer just enough for me to have a couple hits each day. I found you can get quality seeds from any of the internet sources usually in Spain or Amsterdam. Almost $10 per seed. Then if you grow it outside in the sun, well it ain't as good a Calif grown or good old Columbian Gold or Jamacian or Tie stick or Hawaiian, but it's passable."


"Deric in LA 1967. What a great time. We'd go up to Sunset Strip and people watch. You could just ask a local looking hippy and he would get a bag for you. Somebody panhandled some change from my friend. It wasn't long before a guy came up and identified himself as a Hell's Angel. Intimidated, my friend gave him a dollar. The Angel went into a store on the strip and bought a quart of milk and stole a bag of peanuts.. Now he came back over and changed to a more friendly type. We chatted and he told us we should go up and see the Haight before it changed too much. Never did that as I got my draft notice and had to go back home."


"I started toking the summer of 69, I been smoking daily ever since. Always had a job, raised a family, grandkids, good provider. makes the day more relaxing."


"Do you remember in the 60's the stories going round on the different things you could try to get high? My friend's parents were out for the evening so I did a sleepover. We didn't have any herb but we did have banana peelings. We popped a few in the oven and were waiting for them to dry. Well his parents came home. They looked in the oven and just shook their heads. And we all went to bed."


"Smoked every day for almost 17 years. When the supply went dry, that was it. No withdrawal, no nothing. Still miss it. Used to buy primo Colombian for $100.00 a quarter pound. It just eased the day. It wasn't about getting high, just relaxing after a long day of bureaucratic bs."


"I find it sad that so many of us are so timid about associating with erb. Most are not afraid of it but are afraid of what people will think of them. Like hey can't you stand up for yourself? If you don't think weed is a good thing then just say so but don't crawl under a rock in a cowardly way. Then some are actually afraid of mj. I have a couple friends who I know think they will loose control and go into a screaming fit. Deric in Minneapolis"


"I just wanted to let u know that although I smoke recreationally, I've had cancer and now many back problems that it helps with more than pain pills! Last week, I also lost more relatives at one time than ever before in my life..so cannabis also helps me so much with the depression. So while I've smoked for many, many years, it DOES HELP with all my medical problems much better ghan any pain pill or depression pill that are given to me by my doctor. I am getting older. I, like you, didn't smoke while I was pregnant or when I breastfed. I never smoke in front of kids or even my children who are in their 30's. Very few people even know that I smoke...only my husband and only 2 friends because they also smoke! Thank u for writing this book! I do hope Texas will legalize it soon cause it will do away with the drug cartels selling it and our state would get out of debt and actually make quite a bit of money!"


"I\'m 51 and in a profession of technical product sales to the government. When I was in high school and college I smoked my fair share. But really I was more of a drinker. When I smoked, I would get paranoid that people around my who where not high where judging me. But when I was in an isolated environment I would enjoy it. But once I graduated from college, drug testing was prominent. I have not been high since about 1985 or 86. I do remember about 20 years ago attending an outdoor Jackson Browne concert and could smell it in the air. I would like to smoke again. But in my chosen career field right now, I can't take that chance; because it is still a federally illegal thing. But I am a supporter of legalizing it! And for a variety of reasons ranging from political to economic. I look forward to when that day happens so that I can safely enjoy it again."


"I hate the way people think that smoking or personal growing is such a crime. I would never sell my 'babies', and I know how they were tended. Organic and loved. My name is John. I live in Jacksonville, FL. I have had throat cancer and arthritis. The throat cancer wasn't from cigarette smoking, but exposure to harmful paints and chemicals from the workplace. I am almost 60 years old and found that a very small amount every night helps me sleep... maybe until 3 am before pains begin again. Pot hasn't made me a 'dope'. I am a recent inventor. I have a patent filed on a product that may change the way we dispose of a VERY common household hazardous waste... perhaps even helping to save the environment for our children and their children. I will talk about it (the invention) openly, and my use of pot, when my product testing and results show what a difference an 'old pot smoker' can do for the world. If crime wasn't associated with the growing or dealing of pot I would have a different opinion of how pot should or shouldn't be sold on the streets. No gun should taint the use of such a wonderful helper as marijuana. That's why I grow for myself. That's why I don't buy from the streets. I live a quiet life and try to enjoy the times pain and the difficulty of trying to swallow are eased."

Hari Om

"My time with marijuana correlates to my indulgent nature with anything that made me feel good - if some good, more better! My love affair with pot began at the age of 13 and I could never get enough - I was totally transfixed by every aspect of lighting up: acquiring the money, orchestrating the buy, obtaining enough to hide stashes everywhere so as not to run out and yes, even enjoying some of the actual imbibing. Technically, I was addicted, BUT there was nothing I wasn't addicted to that made me feel that good - OK, nothing compared although I tried via food, sex, alcohol, other drugs, ad infinitum! I congratulate those with temperate dispositions as they can indulge where long ago, I have abused that privilege. 

Even today, 40 years later, not using, I can catch myself focusing on my favorite aspects of Mary Jane - the fragrance, colors, taste and so much more. I don't fall into that trap often as yoga gets me to a place of dissolution more than any drug or experience ever has, including marijuana. I even relapsed once after doing yoga for years and realized how unnecessary pot was when I could get that way without investing anything. Peace and Love to all you temperate smokers ( and not temperate smokers )!


"It was the summer of 1968 and I was a soldier stationed in I Corp Vietnam doing intelligence work for the Army. One of the guys in my unit asked me if I ever tried grass. I told him no, and he asked me to come along with him if I wanted to see what it was like. We went from our hooches over to another area in a different group of Support Personnel and went in to see his connection, which was a black soldier. 

We sat down and smoked for about 10 minutes...looking back it wasn't the best weed I ever smoked but it did the job and we were all smiles.When I was discharged from the Army and went back home to finish college in Indiana my friends all smoked so I enjoyed many good highs relaxing and enjoying the good feelings. One of the guys in the group (also a returning vet) had brought some seeds back to the States with him....and he grew some in the Biology Lab at school. He brought some opiated Vietnamese weed back with him and it was an amazing high listening to Led Zepplin, Jethro Tull, and the Moody Blues.
Over the years I have smoked off and on when it was available. When I had it we smoked it and enjoyed it as always. I never was much of a drinker so weed was always my preference. My friends and I had an "experimentation phase" when we did acid, qualudes, and speed (not together)...the interesting thing about that is that Saturday was the night of partying because we needed Sunday to get back to normal. The trips were enjoyable and no one had any lasting or bad experiences but after a month or so...we just collectively quit....no one said anything but we all just moved away from the other stuff and never did it again....
Weed became and still is king.I smoked off and on over the years since then and now that I'm retired I grow my own and enjoy relaxing with the wife and working outside around our place.....pleasantly high from time to time each day.This great plant has helped me manage my PTSD for many years and I'm thankful I have what I can rely on. 
It is truly terrible that millions have been arrested for possession and hopefully the laws will continue to change. "Regulation" of marijuana is the only way I see to improve keeping it away from the teens and to cut off the billions $$$ that go to the drug cartels every year. One thing that supporters really need to watch is the TAXES govement is trying to put one the plant.....the combined State, Federal (proposed), and local can exceed 50%....which is outrageous. The burden should not be higher than the present taxes on alcohol and should actually be lower....because the long-term health impacts are not even remotely comparable. Very high taxes will only reinforce the black market and everyone should want that gone!!!


"I have been getting high for over 32 years. It has not led to harder drugs, hell I have never even tried another drug. I regularly can dry out any time I want."


"Hi My name is Mark, I'm 60 years old living in Chatsworth Califoia. I started smoking bud at age thirteen and smoked everyday until one year ago. I finished high school and worked full time in the restaurant business during high school at night and weekends, never missed a day of work at age 18. 

After one and a half years of restaurant management, I changed professions and became a pawnbroker, which I've been ever since (40+ years). I went into business with my sons and wife 12 years ago, and we've been very successful working as a unit. While smoking weed every day for basically 47 years straight I probably missed about 10 days of work since i was 13 years old. I was in a rock band during and after high school and I also worked out everyday for years. I only quit temporarily because I wasn't getting anything out of it really, but I will probably start again one day.
I think marijuana should be legal-- it doesn't hurt you at all.


"I love cannabis. The euphoria, primarily, and other aspects including the ritual itself. I feel--based upon the results of my own experiences--that cannabis is almost wholly beneficial when used responsibly. I don't use marijuana anymore, but I am strongly in favor of the freedom to do anything that doesn't hurt anyone else. I think we need serious reconsideration in favor of this special plant--one I view as a gift from God--and other substances that are currently prohibited in many places, always to innocent individuals' detriment and often to society's as a whole. I am not a criminal, I am not an addict, and I choose to be accountable for my decisions, even to the point of violating my own country's laws if I think they're wrong. I'm glad to live in a time when steps are being taken toward medical use, decriminalization, and legalization. Jesse, Atlanta"


"Hi, I'm from Michigan.  My trucker friends call me the Snowman. I have been driving a commercial vehicle for over 45 years, I'm retired now but still hold a CDL A/X. 

 I smoke pot almost every day and always have. I have never had an accident or any tickets. I drove cross country hauling oversize loads to all 48 States, Canada and British Columbia, I drove a 42 wheeled double bottom tanker for many years and hauled hazardous (Flammable) materials in a four compartment tanker for over ten years I never mixed products or had a spill or incident of any kind. I had a "GREAT" time doing it, with a a lot of help from Mary Jane. Problems with the law or moved up to the next drug? Nope!


"Hello, my name is kenny i am 69 years old and i have been smoking for over 60 years. i am also a runner i have run in 16 marathons and 36 half marathons. i have 9 children, 25 grandchildren, and 15 greatgrandchildren.  i am married happily. my grandfather smoked for over 75 years and he lived to be over 100. running means the world to me and i allways take three puffs before i run it helps me to relax. nice talking to you. stay safe.  kenny."


"So good to read this story. I live in a country with serious penalties for weed but I continue to toke daily, it's been almost continuous for nearly 30 years and after 10 I omitted cigarettes, my health is now better than ever. I'm 43. I am currently the vice principal of a private school and have always held good jobs. 

I believe that marijuana can help people to tune in with the Universe a little better; after all it comes out of the Earth. (I'm well aware that opinions like this are always a point of ridicule for those opposed to marijuana) For sure I realized as a teenager that it helps the mind rather than harms it. Obviously that won't apply to 100% of the world's population but probably more than 95%.r It's good to see America going in the right direction for once, it's certainly given me a better look at a nation under scrutiny! After all, legalizing weed is the proper way to pacify people and make them more aware in general.


"Many of the users that I have known refer to this beneficial herb with such names as: Lambs Bread, a biblical reference; also simply Herb, as if this herb holds more importance than all others with claims of making me smarter. The history of my use, now some 45 years, from age 11, and most every day, represents that kind of perspective. It was definitely a doorway to knowledge, and the seeking of it. Unlike some it seems, I found an unusual clarity in my surroundings and social behavior which gave me an unsurpassed awareness. This use did make it unquestionably clear for me to see our society's denial of atrocity against the earth and all living things. 

The shaving of the Cascade mountainsides was clear from my hillside view. From this Seattle vantage point, I puffed out the bedroom window, as a teen. Looking out to the east, I could see the progression of tan squares that would soon remove the majority of forest in that view. I was one of the first to note many capitalist infractions, such as actual cost. To conclude, having returned to school in 2000, I was now smoking the best pot in the world, White Widow, and was delighted to find that my conclusions regarding social psychology were very well founded, and proved to be 4.0 quality. I gained the writing skills to continue through an acredited MS PSY with a 3.9, having scored a B in one test, early on. With this I have moved on to the doctorate, establishing a treatment for transitioning youth and adults called Creative Educational Learning Activities with the supported concept that creative learning increases brain function and emotional well-being. I have maintained that the clarity of mind, aided by using high grade pot. It is largely responsible for much of my successes and health. 420, here's to conscious living and thinking.


"Some of us use marijuana as a creative partner. I read recently that Stevie Nicks uses marijuana to help her write songs. I do too. I stopped using pot for 30 years, but I suffered a brain injury from a car accident three years ago and I found that pot helped with the pain, depression and agitation. 

I have lived in two "pot forward" states, Washington and Oregon, for the past 45 years. I have also recently decided that the only proper thing for a gentleman cannabis consumer to do is to be out and speak out. In that effort I recently wrote a song entitled, "420 Revolution." Here is the link to that song/video on Youtube. Very truly yours, Mike McKenzie, Portland, Oregon  https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&feature=vm&video_id=GxpIeKpKLrs


"Great site here and I'm thankful for being able to talk about this issue...at least it's been an issue for me and I know it's been the same for so many others. I'm a 50 year old white male. I'm gainfully employed and I always have been. I don't have a criminal record. I have healthy relations with my family and many friends. I contribute to my community, I am educated and choose to do volunteer work with my some of my spare time. I also have smoked pot for most of my adult life on a regular basis.

I feel, however, that I lead a double life. I work in an environment of high functioning professionals. My direct supervisor is a retired life long law enforcement officer who is very much against "pot heads". I drives me crazy having to hide my true identity for fear of losing my job or at least it being made very difficult on me if my "secret" got out. In the course of my work I see so many people destroying their lives with alcohol and prescription drug addiction, not to mention drug abuse like heroin and meth. But  I don't see problems associated with marijuana use.

Competitive Triathlete

"I am in my late 50s and have always been an amateur athlete -- swam in high school, took up running in my 20s and started competing in triathlons when they were new in the 1980s (when I was in my late 20s). I always enjoyed getting high before a run or a swim (not really before biking, except spin classes). 

Well, here I am today still entering races, still training while on a buzz, and because the competition narrows down as you get older, I'm actually winning medals in some races and usually finish in the top 10 percent. Pot is part of the reward at the end of my day that launches my workouts -- I might otherwise have gotten bored with the training by now. 
And the thing is, it never gets old. Just a few tokes and I'm working out, enjoying my evenings and getting the dual high of THC with endorphins. I'm far from the image of the "stoner," in that I'm active, in great shape and when I done with my workout I eat some of the healthiest food available (yup, even kale tastes great with the right preparation and seasonings).


"I'm in Boston, I'm 80, and I'm a believer. I have been smoking infrequently for about forty-plus years. About three years ago, I passed out after a strong hit, and now have to be very careful. But it doesn't matter, because smoking taught me how to enjoy the slowed pace and the heightened awareness even when I wasn't stoned. It's easy to replicate that part once you've really felt it, and that's a lovely thing. I miss the giddiness and the laughter, but I love to be around people who are using. 

My honey, who has been smoking for 70 years (honest) likes himself better after a toke and so do I.


"I'm in Califoia now but decades ago, when I first inhaled, I lived in Chicago. My (then) hubby was a law student, I had a nursing license that fed us and paid all our bills. We couldn't afford trouble and back then, you got in lots if you got caught inhaling Mother Nature's own. 

I'm fairly visible now in this movement that finally is blooming. My goal is to help folks who need it get this medicine. Yes, despite the fact that it's always been my main form of recreation, THC/CBD has many, many medicinal applications. I want patients, esp. those facing the end, to get this herb. Food will taste better and the silly films families put on to (hopefully) make their loved one laugh, actually will. 
MJ is a wonder herb; no wonder we love it so much. Delighted to see writers embracing this subject and hope Catherine Hiller's memoir is the first of many stories penned about pot's influence in our culture. I mean, besides Bill Clinton, who hasn't inhaled?


"Ed - Northampton MA rnrnJust read your article in the NYT. Forget rolling, or a pipe. Get yourself a vaporizer. Far more economical and better for your lungs. Got one for my kid. "


"In 1970, I was 15 years old and it was my last year at sleepaway camp. I went to a camp in Becket, MA that was supposed to be for music and arts. In the first few days we were there, we rebelled against the structure and did as we pleased. Somewhere, we'd gotten some pot, and another camper and I took off across the road to smoke it. 

We settled in an open field where a lot of wild strawberries were growing. The scent was delicious. Anyhow, we got high but kept having trouble with our matches blowing out in the breeze. At one point I got annoyed and said, "I wish this wind would stop." 
Right then, the breeze stopped. I was pretty high by that time and decided to experiment. "Okay, start up again," I said, and the breeze started again. It "worked" for three or four more times and then quit "obeying" me. 
It was a great high anyhow, but for a few minutes there I was convinced I could control the weather! Celeste, NYC

  • Cath

    "It must have been great. Strawberry fields forever! "

"DISCOVERED BY MY PARENTS! Time: late 80S. Summertime. Place: Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village. "Co-conspirator": Mark, good friend & sometime roommate. 

At the time I didn't have a camera and had borrowed my mother's for some reason or other. Mark and I were hanging out in the park, enjoying the beautiful day and all the buskers, and eyeing the good looking guys. As we often did, we'd decide which one of us the guy "belonged" to. We sat down in the grass and, as we also often did, smoked a joint. (Being in Washington Square Park, we were in good company!) 
We took a couple of pictures of each other, including one of me "in the act."Since we didn't finish the roll of film (this being before digital technology), I didn't remove the cartridge from the camera. I guess I must have been pretty high because I forgot the photos we shot and sometime late, wound up returning the camera to my mother--with the "damning" film. 
A while after that, having finished the roll and developed the photos, my mother presented me with them. I got off lucky, I guess, because I was no longer living at home, and she just sort of smirked, didn't lecture me, and wasn't really mad. When I got over the mortification of having done something so lame, I had to laugh. Claudia, Long Beach

"It was the summer of '74. I was just 17 and you know what I mean. Yes, I was all that. And It. Was. Glorious. I was taking summer classes at the U of CO Boulder, doing Shakespeare at their festival, living in a campus dorm, making friends and boyfriends, riding on the back of a motorcycle of one, and having the time of my life.

 The two most serious considerations I had that summer were: to streak across campus, or not to streak, and whether or not it would be too uncool to make a boyfriend of the friend and roommate of one of my current boyfriends. (For better or for worse, I did neither.) I was, as would be expected of most any average kid that age, very healthy, but actually feeling healthy. I mean, feeling it, such that it was not just a simple, obvious statement of fact, but an exuberant feeling unto itself. If that description sounds "stoned", that is probably all the more appropriate because that would describe the other predominant feeling of that summer. 
Pot was everywhere, and then it was as affordable as it was valued. I don't think an evening went by without a bunch of my friends gathering in someone's dorm room, a thick towel rolled up, laid carefully by the door. We would pass joints around, or if available, a bong, gently tease-prod anyone forgetfully "bogarting" it, and LAUGH. I no longer remember what we'd talk about, but I do remember the hysterical, out-of-control, laughter. We'd laugh so long and so hard, exercising our abdominal muscles to the point we'd give ourselves belly-aches. Usually, it was prompted by nothing, started by me and my friend, Ilene. 
We were a pair. We'd get going on something, completely lose it, and suck everyone into our joyous vortex. We'd also laugh about how we couldn't remember things like what we'd had for dinner the night before. (The fact that the dorm food was, like all dorm food, unmemorable, wasn't the point.) This is how I learned that pot smoking actually did affect one's short-term memory, that this wasn't just anti-mj propaganda. (But hey, that was pretty funny too.)
 The summer of 1974 has remained the best summer of my life, and given its ubiquity, pot played a significant part of that. Boulder is spectacular in so many ways, but the fact that Boulder, like Denver, is a mile-high town, means it has somewhat less O2, and this undoubtedly enhanced those magnificent highs. Yep, those storied "Rocky Mountain highs" are for real! Francesca, St. Louis